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Welcome to Konnekt India

Konnekt India is a youth-led non-profit organization, aiming to konnekt young children to academic resources, and providing aid to communities in need; empowering them to succeed.



Konnekt India is a youth-led, non-profit organization, based in Pune, India. We aim at providing academic resources to underprivileged and deserving children in need. Through Konnekt, you can help give children the life, education and love they deserve. We welcome donations, and will appreciate your active participation in our projects. Konnekt India is a part of Konnekt Global which is headquartered in New Jersey, USA.

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What We Do

Our work includes conducting donation drives, distributing these donations (clothes, school supplies, edibles, and other essentials) among students in need, fundraisers, and undertaking fun and sustainable activities with needful children at orphanages, low-income schools, etc.

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Konnekt India has organized multiple workshops to 'konnekt' children with their creative side. Story writing, character building, artistic recycling, careers and debate workshops have all been a success, bringing joy to the children exploring their creativity.



Our team has organized several donation drop-offs, including clothes, food, and stationary drives. With these drives, we want to provide a good learning and interactive experience for the underprivileged, and also accomplish what our aim is, to see children smile!

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If helping them gives us joy, why not make it fun for them too!? Konnekt India has organized several parties and organized fun events for the kids to participate in. They truly were the lights at the Christmas and Diwali parties!

No upcoming events at the moment

Our Team!

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Akshita Jha


Hi! I’m Akshita, I’m 15 years old, and I joined the team in June of 2021. Since then have worked on three projects. I enjoy listening to music, playing the guitar and doing art :)

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Khwaish Vashisht


Hi! I, Khwaish, and I joined the team in June 2021- I have been a part of a handful of projects and workshops. 
Personally, I am a fictitious bibliophile and I adore doing photography and making canvases!

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Aditi Anoop


Hey! I’m Aditi. I recently joined Konnekt, in September 2021. I really enjoy brainstorming ideas for the upcoming events with the team. I strive to become a fashion designer with a creative flow.

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Zoya Bhargava


Heyyy I’m Zoya! I started Konnekt India in 2020, and it’s been an incredibly transforming journey! We get to meet the most amazing people and listen to heartwarming stories everyday, and we would love to have YOU on the team!! Personally I have a lot of random areas of interest, all that integrate with Konnekt!


Idhant Manocha


Hello! I'm Idhant, 15, and I joined Konnekt India in August 2021. I have designed this website and helped out in the planning of the wonderful events that are conducted!

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Kimaya Hegde


Hello everybody I’m Kimaya and I have been a part of the Konnekt team from the very beginning (a very good place to start). When I’m not working on things for Konnekt I like to play with my dogs or any dogs I can find really.

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Aaryan Choudhary


I’m Aaryan. I’m the kind of person who cracks a joke every single time the group gets a bit too serious. I joined Konnekt in September and I work in finance!

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Muskaan Karwa


Hi! I'm Muskaan, and I joined Konnekt in September 2021 as a volunteer, but soon enough became a core member of the team. I help plan the events and make them a reality!When I'm not working, you'll find me listening to music, dancing or reading!