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What We Do

Our work includes conducting donation drives, distributing these donations (clothes, school supplies, edibles, and other essentials) among students in need, fundraisers, and undertaking fun and sustainable activities with needful children at orphanages, low-income schools, etc.

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Konnekt India has organized multiple workshops to 'konnekt' children with their creative side. Story writing, character building, artistic recycling, careers and debate workshops have all been a success, bringing joy to the children exploring their creativity.



Our team has organized several donation drop-offs, including clothes, food, and stationary drives. With these drives, we want to provide a good learning and interactive experience for the underprivileged, and also accomplish what our aim is, to see children smile!

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If helping them gives us joy, why not make it fun for them too!? Konnekt India has organized several parties and organized fun events for the kids to participate in. They truly were the lights at the Christmas and Diwali parties!

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